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With Olympics On the Horizon, Team USA Has Best Chance to Win Hockey Gold

Photo Credit to ESPN.


The USA were one goal away from stealing the Gold Medal in 2010. One Shot on net could have sent the USA into a wild frenzy and Canada into a stage of depression and wondering. Instead, Sidney Crosby dawned the red and white flag and tied it around his neck to become the Canadian hero who scored the “golden goal past than USA starting goalie Ryan Miller. To Team Canada it had to happen and it needed to happen, the unbelievable burden and failure that would haunt the Canadian Team would have been Unforgettable had Sidney Crosby not utter the words “Iggy”. The utter defeat would have been more historic than when they won the gold.  For the USA, the heart and will to tie the game up after Zach Parise got one by Luongo was all but a distant thought as defeat and the question of “how did that go in” would haunt the USA dressing room as they settled for a disappointing silver medal and return to their regular  scheduled teams and season.

Now with a new Olympic year arriving the table is reset and the USA might look the best they have in a while. They have a talented forward core that goes 4 lines deep, the defence core is good although some holes, but having possibly the best goalie tandem in the tournament in Jonathan Quick, Jimmy Howard – and in my opinion Craig Anderson- leave little worry about the States D line as those goalies are some if not the best in hockey now.

What might push the States to win gold will have to be their goaltending. They have arguably more depth in net than any Country, and unlike Canada, do not face any questions about who is between the pipes. Jonathan Quick has been a number one reliability for the Kings ever since he got the starting job. He posted a 1.95 GAA in 2011-2012 and despite the numbers shown this year he has shown he can steal and win games for the Kings. Jimmy Howard this year while only playing 7 games this season  due to injury, has put up pretty decent numbers. He has posted a SV% of 2.26 and has helped the Wings stay relevant for a couple of years.  But to me, the starting Goaltender for the States should be Senators goalie Craig Anderson. Ever since joining Ottawa he has posted GAAs of 2.05, and 1.69 while getting SV percentages of .924, .939 and his career best .941 back in 2012-2013.    If the States defence can be reliable and consistent it will be a really tough task to try to get goals past this team.

The States forward core is one to admire. The ones I have making the top line are Patrick Kane-Kesler-Kessel. Might be hard to put both Kane and Kessel on the first line as they both are Right Wingers, but I think either Kane or Kessel can adjust. The Second line I have JVR-David Backes-Dustin Brown. I was thinking of having Parise on the second line, but JVR so far this year has been exceptional for the Leafs. The Third line for the States I have parise-Paul Statsny-Bobby Ryan, and the fourth line to be Pacioretty-Pavelski-Callahan? whether I am accurate or not, the USA roster looks stacked both with youth and stardom, and experience and grit  this forward core could be one of the more dangerous scoring threats to the Olympics.

Team Canada for many still look like the best chance to win gold, but the States are no team to not take seriously. They have arguably the better goaltending and their forward core, while they may not have the same stardom as Canada, they can hold their own and put up their own points. The States showed last year they can go toe to toe with Canada and give them a scare.

So why do I think the States will win gold? Because I think hockey in the USA, and the NHL especially have reached such a big and important point. Guys like Phil Kessel and Patrick Kane have been on fire as of late, and their goaltending has been as good as any with Craig Anderson and Jonathan Quick having fantastic seasons. Having a questionable defense is not a big risk when the forwards are producing and the goaltending is reliable. I am cheering for Canada, but if the States do come out on top don’t be shocked or surprised. This team is good whatever lineup they throw out. They are a well coached team who is nothing but a gold medal finish at the Olympics.

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If Fighting in Hockey is Risking players lives Than why let it continue?

Credit to USA Today Sports

For as long as I can remember fighting has been a staple in hockey. Yes the goals and the face pace skating is what makes it, but having players drop gloves and square off whether it be out of the blue, or after a crushing hit to on players teammates gets fans riled up for some reason. Certain fans love seeing two guys punch each other in the face with no helmets on, while severely increasing the risk of losing your NHL career or even your life. While other people, and in my opinion the smart people, look at the way it should be looked at. It does not impact a game whatsoever and the impact it usually has is negative, teams lose the chance to score or lose an offensive breakout because players thought it would be smarter to drop the gloves than get ahead in the game. Fights though seem to happen before or right after the puck drop, which infuriates me  because not only are you ruining a chance to have a good start to the game. but you are sending a bad message about yourself while putting a bad stamp on the team. No momentum ( if you believe in that stuff) is gain from fighting and it ruins a good hockey game for everyone. But the most concern and problem I have with fists in hockey is what impact it has on the players.

We have lost too many great people over the years because of dropped gloves and helmets. From Wade Belak to that tragic story of Derek Boogard to the unfortunate ending of Rick Rypien Those men who had the wrongful task of “manning up” and having to fight every game were taken away from us way too early than it should have been. Now I don’t know myself if their deaths had hockey reasons behind them, but I am sure that with depression and drugs being involved hockey and the idea of constantly fighting players with loved ones watching had to play a big part.

The incident involving George Parros last night in the season opener between the Leafs and Habs seemed to overshadow what was a really entertaining game between the two, storied franchises. It wasn’t because of a nasty hit or anything, it was because Colton Orr decided it would be smart while up 3-2 to challenge George Parros to a fight. It happened right after a Leafs scoring chance as a mosh pit created and Orr fought Parros. Parros well aware of what the new NHL rules imply about keeping helmets on during fights so he did, what was unfortunate is that he slipped on the ice both his hands caught in his gear and his face collides with the ice. This was a scary scene and have it happen on the first game of the new full season where 82 games is restored is very tough to swallow. No punching was not directly the cause of Parros injury, yet having the legal cause in the league to fight  Orr and Parros seemed it was a good idea to have a tilt in the third period. I am not blaming Parros for what happened I am just telling you the events that occurred and what was the reasoning behind it.

The question that I think is left is when is the NHL going to realize they can’t have their players risk their careers throwing punches. The NHL has had a dark cloud over what really is a beautiful sport because of unneeded and unwanted goons ruining the league. If they can’t find a way to change their game then maybe there is no room for those players. The NHL cannot afford to keep those liabilities on the ice if it means losing players to death or career suffering injuries like concussions.  The unfortunate irony is though is that deaths might be the only way to stop the NHL and fights. I know that sounds sad, but that is the realization now. The NHL is just sad and in a dark deep hole it seems that all they are doing is digging deeper and deeper instead of trying to find a solution.

Bruce Arthur, who writes in the sports section of the National Post and is one of my favorites wrote about the Parros event and I wanted to pick out some of what he wrote. A writer who gets it. this is what he wrote via the National Post 

Nobody questions the courage of the men who fight. But it seems so long ago that we were all worried after the deaths of Wade Belak, of Rick Rypien, of Derek Boogaard. Their deaths raised complex issues of depression, of whether depression was linked to fighting, of suicide, of the easy access to painkillers, of overdoses, of what this thing makes some men do. The discussion flared, and … vanished. Nothing was resolved.

This won’t change anything. We will jump on the merry-go-round, talk it over, jump off. But George Parros has hurt people, and he has gotten hurt, and as he lay there I wondered how there can’t be a better way to police this game.


Bruce nails it in this reading. He mentions that we will forget all about what occurred and happen in the past. It sounds unfortunate, but it is the truth. rarely will we take time to really sit back  and for the NHL, do something about it. Commissioner Bettman has yet to speak up about what has happened to Parros. Which is very concerning.  It seems like Bettman is more concerned about money in his pockets than caring about the players he employs. Of course you could not really suspend Orr there or anyone, it was a freak accident,But it just seems weird to not have the boss speak up or address the fans and its players about what occurred on Tuesday night.

Who knows if fighting will be completely gone, and if it will be who knows what will take the league to band it for good. It is nice to see that some NHL GMs use their heads and have an opinion about eliminating such a foolish act for such a beautiful sport. But for now all we can do as fans is sit back and like Bruce Arthur pointed out. We will leave it be and enjoy the rest of the NHL 82 game season. with prayers and hopes that one day or some day the NHL and it’s governors will talk the common sense and banned fighting from hockey from the worlds greatest sport. Because if they don’t this dark cloud is going to haunt the very game everyone loves, and it will become a game more known for its fits than its goals and celebrations.


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A Thank you Letter to the Basketball Jones

Dear Basketball Jones, congratulations on reaching a 1000 episodes of the TBJ podcast. No better podcast I have listened to has brought the same passion, knowledge, and Tas Melas cooking recipe……wait, sorry, wrong podcast. Anyway, Every day I have enjoyed hearing Skeets, Tas, Trey, Matt Austin, JD and even that weird guy Leigh Ellis. Whether it be live or in a podcast form, hearing “gimmie some Raptor news” almost every day as some report on the Raptors trying to improve their team fails, or talking about the daily NBA action. I always felt as interested about basketball as I ever was hearing the TBJ show.

Can never pick out one particular moment or episode and say it is the best, because every episode was as good, if not better, than the one previous. You guys have connected with so many players, teams, reporters and fans in a way that no other podcast can do. You bring the fun into the sport with Trey’s random posts on whether Andrew Bynum is in costume or not, to Opinion posts on current NBA topics with such hard work that it seems every 5 minutes you got something new and Interesting to post.

The impact you guys have on the Basketball world is so big that a phrase from a video started to be glued on a certain former Raptor so much that it has become a trademark saying for when he makes a smart,or dumb play on the court. “Tweet Of The Week” has been a growing segment from Leigh Ellis, it has gotten me to follow certain NBA players because their personality has come out whenever Leigh would grab a player’s tweet and say it on air.

I don’t know if there will be a two thousand episode show, but I hope. This Blog has grown into one of the better and trusted sources of basketball out there, and with more contributors like Andrew Umberger writing posts, it can only grow. The fans have also grown and grown, and the support shows deservedly the impact that you guys have had.

Keep doing what you are doing, because I – and I am sure i speak for others- have been lucky enough to enjoy every piece of content that is put up on the blog. Cannot wait till the next season when there will be more headlines and chances to hear a tbj podcast again. Thank you.


James Gleason

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Allen Iverson, Tracy Mcgrady announce retirement. Gives fans time to look back.

NBA career’s come and go, players get drafted or signed to a certain team and play their years. When key or historic players decided to announce their departure from the game. Fans, writers and players of the NBA get a chance to reflect on those players careers and get a chance to critique them. In this case, the players that have hung up the sneakers although given these two players some might say it was long overdue and decided to call it quits. Allen Iverson  announced his retirement on August 22,While former All Star Tracy Mcgrady announced his just a week after Iverson announced his.  Mcgrady announced his retirement on ESPN’s First Take  He spoke about his decision,

“It’s been 16 years playing the game I love,” McGrady said on ESPN’s First Take. “I’ve had a great run, but it’s time for it to come to an end.”

Tracy Mcgrady was drafted by the Raptors back in 1997 and made an impact with his cousin Vince in helping the Raptors get noticed and a mark in the NBA.   In three seasons with Toronto, He averaged  7.0 ppg in his rookie year, 9.3 in his second year, and 15.4 in his final year with the Dinos, Before being moved to Orlando, and later Houston. with stops in New York, Atlanta, Detroit, and more recently, the Spurs. His best year was in 2002-03 where he averaged 32 points per game, and had a PER over 20 in 10 of his 17 season.  He averaged a PER of 30 in 2002-03 which his best of his career, and as crazy as anything when you think about it. He was a phenomenal player that for his size made most of his shots by the jumper, but that would not discount his driving ability. His hands were one of the best in the league, and he could get to the rim with ease whether it be by the left or right.  He was a back to back scoring champ in 02-03 and 03-04      and held the largest margin of a scoring lead in NBA History, according to NBA History’s twitter page.


Image via Getty and Yahoo Sports

Image via Getty and Yahoo Sports

Those times he was considered one of the more efficient  and prolific scorers in the league next to likes of Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter.  But Playoff failures and criticism of  “not caring” haunted Mcgrady. As he continually failed to get past the first round (until he got signed by the Spurs) and lack of playoff performance would tarnish a hall of fame career. His nagging injury problems with both his knees and back would force him to miss much of his latter years with Houston and demolish any scoring ability he had by the young age of 31.  His star playing role would be reduced to less minutes and bench warming time while he played for several NBA teams.  People stopped thinking of prolific scorer he was and thought  more of a role player trying to make the most of his salary.  It was a shame really. He left fair earlier than he announced he did, everyone knew it. People like me though, wished and hoped there was a little of that old “T-mac: left in him that would just shine one more time. But it was not to be, it was never to be.

Then there is Allen Iverson. Arguably the most influential, controversial and game changers when it came to Basketball. Drafted out of Georgetown by the Sixers  number one overall in the loaded 96 NBA Draft. Allen Iverson wasted no time making an impact, he would win the 96-97 NBA Rookie of the year with postings of 23 ppg and 7.1 assists while shooting 41 percent from the floor, and 31 percent from three-point land. For a guy who did not  want to play basketball but football, he fit right in with the league, and his hip hop vibe would not only take notice with the NBA, but changed the way the game was played and viewed in a way no other player could do.  He was one of the more respected and complete players in the NBA.  He sits 19th in the NBA All Time Scoring list 24,368 points, leading the likes of Charles Barkley, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.  He won the NBA MVP back in 2000-2001 while winning 2 ASG MVPs. Unlike Tracy, it did not take him a long time to get passed the first round of the playoffs. He would move on and face the eventual Lakers in the NBA Finals, but not before facing the Toronto Raptors in one of the more memorable games and series in NBA history, With Iverson advancing and winning the Eastern Finals.

Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press

Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press

He brought back hope in the city of Philadelphia, for what was once a lowly Sixers squad that was desperate for a player who would take charge and be the new face, He made the Sixers from one of the more forgetful teams into one you could not miss out on game in and game out. His game at times were questioned, People clamming him selfish and not a “team guy” because he would jack up more shots than pass . But people would not question the one thing he showed the most. Heart, Very few players showed the guts and the want to win more than A.I. For his small frame at a small height of six feet – while only weighing 165 pounds – they thought Iverson would not handle the toughness of the paint, and should have been more of a perimeter player. While he did have a pretty good perimeter game, it was his driving and constant trips to the foul line that made him great. He was one of the toughest players in the League and was fearless of any competition he faced. His drives to the basket and tough lay-ups would make him very efficient. He would shoot a career 41 percent from the floor, while having a career PER of 20.9 throughout his career.  He was always a big part of a team’s offence, as he posted a USG% rate of 30.1, most of them coming when he played with basically no one during his Philly years.

But his career took an interesting turn, in the year of 2006, Allen Iverson would be traded out of his beloved Sixers squad and to the Nuggets. This was one of the bigger trades that year, that has happened in the NBA.  the Sixers would get vet guard Andre Miller, and NBA journeyman Joe Smith from the Nuggets, along with a 2007 first round pick. Iverson posted great numbers and took control of the offence for Carmelo Anthony who was suspended for that famous brawl at the Garden back in 2006.  While Iverson flourished with the high-flying and fast paced Nuggets offence. He never did mesh with Melo enough to make a real post-season threat and would bow out to the Clippers in the Western Conference Quarter Finals.

Iverson would soon find his way to the poor, poor city of Detroit in a deal that sent Chauceny Billups and vet Antonio Mcdyess to the Nuggets.     This deal was the start of the downfall of Iverson. His problems with Detroit were noted as he would only spend 54 games and one season with the Pistons while posting only 17.4 ppg.  It would not take long for Iverson to get traded to Memphis, where problems with him being on the bench and not getting enough minutes would have him only play 3 games and averaging his lowest scoring total of 12.2 ppg. His frustrations with management and teammates would get media to take a different look at Ai,  Not the one who dominated the floor, but one who put his ego ahead of the team and coaches. One who would not take ” playing off bench’ lightly with Iverson mouthing off about his lack of starts.

Iverson would play his final NBA season back at Philly, but never did he get back into the old groove of things. He left the NBA to play some games in turkey, and china. The fire and passion seemed lost and his money also followed suit, with apparent reports of him filing for bankruptcy   His respect and the love that he had with so many people vanished  and  was replaced with feelings for worry, and criticism was weighed heavily into Iversons shoulders. No one knows his current situation now, but his retirement sure places a question mark and a concern for his well-being.

Tracy Mcgrady and Iverson both were huge inspirations for kids who wanted to ball. Hell, the main reason I got into basketball was Iverson. He was the first j basketball Jersey I ever owned. Both put on shows day in and out, both scored 60 in their sleep, and both changed the game in ways more than one. Iverson brought a more Urban feel to the game, and hip hop felt like it was home with the NBA, and Tracy, with the help of Yao Ming, brought the NBA to China, and helped make it one of the NBA’s most important and profitable places in the world. Tracy help the Raptors be on the map with Carter, while making hoops in Canada not only important, but a one of the improving and building sites for future NBA players. Iverson and his street rep had so much effect that it forced Stern to put in a dress code.

These guys are NBA Hall of Famers no doubt, they both put up crazy numbers, both were ASG selections, and both were important for the NBA to be as big as it has ever been. From Tracy’s dunk over Shawn Bradley, to Iversons cross on Tyrone Lue.  These plays helped future stars like KD and Curry want to step up and be the NBA stars they are. So I say thank you, to both of you, in a way I can only say. With YouTube clips

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The Blank Jones Podcast:001

A new podcast idea came to fruition today as me and my podcast partner Mohammed Mohammed  discussed the following


The summerslam ppv that happened and what we think will happen


We take a look at the epl season and arsenal


Talk about the Leafs and how they will fare this upcoming season


Raptors talk and a quick summary of the news of the day

ooh, and Winnipeg sucks. Enjoy!



P.S. it was the  first episode, i know we have no fancy music or name. Shadddaauup

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As Andrea Bargani leaves,so does years of frustration


When July 10 hit at around 12:00 midnight, Andrea Bargnani’s time as a Toronto Raptor officially came to a close. The 7 foot enigma was sent to the New York Knicks in exchange for Steve Novak, Marcus Camby and draft picks    It was a sigh of relief for many Raptor fans as their patience with the Italian forward was dim. If it was not clear during the latter parts of the Raptors troubling season already, the move to New York proved that things were just not working out with the former number one overall pick. Andrea’s numbers and lack of effort especially in the defensive areas made a story line that was stuck with Raptors management and fans all year.

Andrea was drafted number one overall in 2006 by Toronto and posted 11.4 ppg and shot 42 percent from the floor, while shooting just under 40 percent from three. His most impressive year statistically came in the 2010-2011 season where he averaged 21.4 ppg and 44 percent from the floor. But after that he struggled only posting 19.5 ppg and only 12.7 ppg in his last two years. It was a huge disappointment and it made fans and media types turn their back on him and wanting management to cut ties with him.  His lack of effort on defense and his struggling numbers from three overshadowed any positives in his game that he showed. He spent most of his time on the bench whether it be injured or just Dwayne Casey’s choice not to play him, and the Raptors actually seemed to improve in his absence.  The starting role of Amir Johnson, JV, Rudy, Demar and Lowry showed improvements and gave a new look into what exactly the new Raptors staring 5 would be. Losing Ed Davis hurts the Raptors though as I would like to see Amir in a bench role, but I would rather him than Marcus Camby.

With Masai Ujiri being hired as the Raptors new gm and Bryan Colangelo looking more and more like he was departing. It was clear that the way Andrea has been playing and what he brings was not what Masai was looking for. People speculated if any team would be willing to actually take on that unproven and loaded contract of Andrea’s before he got shipped to New York. Andrea is slated to make 23 million over the next 2 years and it will be interesting to see if a team like the Knicks – who are playoff contenders now – want to risk having an unreliable player like Andrea around. Andrea will need to withstand the amounts of media pressure the Knicks often get, and hopefully actually care a little to at least try to play better and have a little emotion. Otherwise, with a city like New York, Andrea might find no job sooner rather than later.

Andrea’s time as a Raptor was one that started well, but then ended in such frustration with Raptor fans. His PER was an awful 11.2 last year while only contributing a WS/48 of .007. His TS% was his worst of his career at .482. For a guy who is supposed to be the “franchise guy” seeing him struggle on the one end he was supposed to excel at was a big problem for the Raptors. His inside game was not existent as he would spend most of his time offensively either outside the 3 point line or just in the mid range area hoping to get a jumper in.  Despite him being 7 feet tall he did not try to use his height as a way to gain advantages over smaller players.  He never in his career averaged a double double as his rebounding numbers never got higher than 6 rebounds a game, and his lack of defense crippled an already struggling team on the defense side. He never showed any care or emotion during games and sometimes looked like a robot who never looked interested in winning basketball games.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Marcus Camby and Steve Novak. The Raptors got some decent picks back. but I think this move was more for getting Andrea out of Toronto as quickly as possible rather than seeing if the Raptors could get any significant players back. What is important to notice is that Andrea is gone – finally we don’t have to see any more Primo ads or unnecessary threes taken in a close game, well not in Toronto at least. Who knows what kind of stuff New York will do to him. Guys like Stephen A Smith should have a blast trying to figure Bargnani out.

Andrea still has 2 years left on his deal before becoming a free agent, New York like to spend money on ludicrous players but I feel like if  Andrea does not improve or take the game seriously soon, he could see more court time in Italy rather than on the New York Knicks. The Knicks want to win now and the patience within the organization and fans are running very short.


I still think Andrea has a lot to offer as a basketball player, but it is more of knowing how and when to make the right choices. He is not going to be a rebounding forward or a defense machine so he has to focus his game on offense. He has shown he can put up solid numbers as he did in 2010, he just needs confidence and maybe going to a market such as New York will help boost his want to win and his want to play well.


But for Raptors fans around this is a small step but a good step in the Ujiri relm. Andrea needed to go and having Rudy Gay in helps see that not having Andrea is a big positive.  He is a good player but not the number one overall pick everyone wanted him to be, and not the player Toronto wanted to put the franchise tag on. He is an ok player who got paid way to much going to a team that expects a lot. Andrea just needs to know his role there and not make stupid choices when they are not needed. He can then have a long NBA career.

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Toronto Maple Leafs buyout contract of Mikhail Grabovski.

According to a recent tweet from Sportsnet’s David Alter   The Leafs have decided to use their finale compliance buyout on beloved forward Mikhail Grabovski. This comes to the shock of everyone – including me who thought Grabovski was a sure in to be on the Leafs roster come next season. The tweet from David Alter can be seen here.


The UFA class is weak so seeing Grabovski go is an eye-opener to say the least. Would be kinda funny if he ended up in Montreal.

I would love to have Grabovski on the Sabres, I think he can have great chemistry with Tyler Ennis and showed he can produce offensively.  But knowing Darcy he probably won’t do anything and just pass on a very solid player.

Fair to say Leaf fans were not all that impressed with the Grabo buyout, but I am.

Grabovski posted 9 goals and 16 points in 48 games last year after posting 23 goals and 51 points last year. He is set to be on Waivers.

Never change Leafs. Never change

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Buffalo Sabres announce 2013-2014 pre-season schedule

The Buffalo Sabres have announced their pre-season schedule for the next season in 2013 and 2014. They will play seven games starting in Montreal when they take on the Habs on the 15th of September. They will play a home and home against the Leafs, as well as a couple of games between the Canes and the Blue Jackets.

The Full Pre-season Schedule can be seen here this from the Sabres home website

BUFFALO, N.Y. (July 3, 2013) — The Buffalo Sabres today announced their 2013 preseason schedule. The team will play seven games, including three home games at First Niagara Center. Ticket information and pricing will be announced at a later date.

Below is the complete 2013 Buffalo Sabres preseason schedule:

  • Sunday, Sept. 15 Buffalo @ Montreal 7:00 p.m. Bell Centre
  • Tuesday, Sept. 17 Buffalo @ Columbus 7:00 p.m. Nationwide Arena
  • Thursday, Sept. 19 Buffalo vs. Carolina 7:00 p.m. First Niagara Center
  • Saturday, Sept. 21 Buffalo vs. Toronto 7:00 p.m. First Niagara Center
  • Sunday, Sept. 22 Buffalo @ Toronto 7:00 p.m. Air Canada Centre
  • Wednesday, Sept. 25 Buffalo vs. Columbus 7:00 p.m. First Niagara Center
  • Friday, Sept. 27 Buffalo @ Carolina 7:00 p.m. PNC Arena

Games against the Leafs is sure to be exciting as both fan bases never fail in bringing in energy and a heated rivalry. Even if they do have games against Carolina, it feels good to have hockey back full time. Can’t wait.

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Bryan Colangelo has stepped down as Raptors President


In a recent tweet from Raptors writer Doug Smith. Former GM and now former President Bryan Colangelo has been let go of his duties by the Raptors.



This came to little or no shock to people as new gm Masai Ujiri came in to take over Colangelo’s gm spot, and it became clear that BC was not going to be a big part of the decision making for the Raptors. Colangelo will remain with the team as a consultant as Doug Smith pointed out, but will not be part of the team’s decisions to make them better.

Bryan Colangelo’s tenure with Toronto was a forgettable one as the team made the playoffs twice in his four years as GM and President. His draft choices were questionable as were the deals he made.

Always thought BC as gm was a mistake and his track record showed it, but him as a consultant might be a good step as he is a big name on a franchise dying for respect and notice.